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Billie Eilish Made Her Fans     Happier Than Ever  In Pittsburgh

February 10, 2022

Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, Billie Eilish stopped at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night on her Happier Than Ever World Tour. 

She currently does not have a Cleveland date scheduled on her tour so I decided to head to Pittsburgh to catch one of the hottest stars in the music business today.

The nearly sold out crowd had to wait a full hour for their hero after the opening act left the stage.  But when the lights went down, and the drum beats dropped, the audience hit near deafening levels with their screams as Billie appeared on stage and launched into "Bury a Friend."

Dressed in shorts and an oversized shirt, Eilish had the crowd dancing and singing along with every word.  

She made great use of the extended catwalk and prowled back and forth kneeling down on each side, allowing her to get closer to the fans.

About four songs in, she started the tune and stopped and laughed at herself as her Band-Aids that were on her knees were just dangling there as blood trickled down her legs.  She said, "Do you see the eight Band-Aids on my knees?  Well, that's why." as she looked at the blood stream into her white socks.

To her credit, she kept performing and never left the stage to get cleaned up.

It was a party vibe as Eilish bounded across the stage and on the catwalk.  She explained to the crowd, "I want everyone in this building to have fun tonight!"

Eilish introduced the two musicians on stage, Andrew Marshall on drums and her brother Finneas who played guitar, bass, keys and percussion.  Yes, there were plenty of tracks that she sang to, but having live musicians really added to her show.

On "Billy Bossa Nova" she showed more of a sexy side of her as she strutted and danced as the large background screen projected dancers from the waist down.

In the middle of the set, she and her brother sat center stage, on stools, with acoustic guitars.  She noted that's how they write most of their songs.  The duo then played a nice version of "Your Power."

Finneas then left the stage and Billie sat alone with her guitar and played "Male Fantasy."  However, at the start of the song, as she was playing she started laughing.  She then said, "I forgot the lyrics."  She then composed herself and finished the tune.

The fun really started when she left the main stage and went to the back of the arena to a small that was on a lift.  It rose up and circled around the back part of the arena so those fans further away got a much closer view of this superstar.

Eilish made her way back to the main stage and played "When The Party's Over" and "Everything I Wanted."  

The crowd roared when the opening notes of "Bad Guy" were played and they joyously sang along with every word she sang.

The set came to a close with "Happier Than Ever" as white confetti rained down onver the audience and stage.

I must admit, this type of pop music is not in my wheelhouse.  However, I understand how the Gen Z crowd loves her.

She is a great entertainer who writes and performs her own music.  I believe she will be around for a long time.

Review by Greg Drugan

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