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Greta Van Fleet Rocks The Grog Shop

August 22nd, 2017

Like a typical millennial I’m obsessed with the ’80s. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played my ’80s playlist dreaming that I was at a Led Zeppelin concert. This past Friday my long-simmering dreams came true.



The Grog Shop usually books new and upcoming artists. Some, like The Flaming Lips and Oasis, go onto fame while others never quite reach the successes of which they had hoped. This last Friday night The Grog Shop hosted Greta Van Fleet, a group of young men ranging from 18-21, who are definitely seeing their star on the rise.


If you stood in the back during the performance you might’ve been a little confused. Crushing guitars and long, screeching vocals boasting from the stage led you to believe you were listening to Zeppelin, who had innocuously and randomly made a pit stop in Cleveland Heights.

Then the six-foot-something guy in front of you sways to your left and you catch a glimpse of this millennial band. While they pay homage to the golden era of classic rock, this young outfit melds metal, pop, blues and grunge into one groovy syncopation.

This melting pot is is stirred by three brothers and their childhood friend. Graced with good genetics, twin brothers Josh (lead vocals) and Jake Kiszka (lead guitar) exude confidence and passion beyond their years. Younger brother Sam adds his own talents with the bass and keyboards while Danny Wagner keeps the brothers on rhythm behind the kit.


The Frankenmuth, Michigan quartet was founded in 2012 and has received acclaim for their tasty licks and an incredible array of talent for such a young band. On April 21st of this year, Apple Music named them “New Artist of the Week.”


Not only does Greta Van Fleet sound like 80’s rock, but they looked like it too. Josh sported what one could call a “hippie dippie” patterned shirt and leather pants…and he definitely rocked them.

From Josh to Danny the energy was always electric. The crowd roared as Josh danced with his arms as wide as the Grand Canyon, but especially when Jake raised his axe and played it behind his head.

Greta Van Fleet has only been around since 2012, but have found success when their 2017 song “Highway Tune” showed up on Showtime series Shameless. They’ll be opening for fellow Michiganian Bob Seger on his tour stop in Saginaw on September 7th.

If you haven’t seen Shameless, watch it. If you haven’t heard Greta Van Fleet, listen to them here //

Review by Courtney A. Ramey

Images ©Greta Van Fleet

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