The Motels Headlined Totally '80s Live At

House Of Blues

Sirius XM brought three bands from the 1980's to the House Of Blues on Saturday night as a part of their Totally ‘80s Live tour.  Original members from When In Rome II, Bow Wow Wow and The Motels all took the stage and played their hits for an ‘80s flashback.


When In Rome II were the first to play.  Featuring original keyboardist of When In Rome, Michale Floreale, along with singer/guitarist John Ceravolo and drummer Chris Willett the trio plowed through their 30 minute set.


Ceravolo has charisma, the looks and the moves of a great front man.  While Floreale remained buried behind his keyboards and laptop, occasionally singing backup.  


The trio had everyone dancing throughout the show but really brought down the house with thier number one dance hit, “The Promise.”


Bow Wow Wow, led by original bassist Leigh Gorman, were next to hit the stage. 

Primarily known for the early '80s hit "I Want Candy" the band, now featuring Chloe Demetria on vocals, played a very fun set of early new wave music.

The Motels, led by original members Martha Davis vocals/guitars and keyboardist/saxophonist Marty Jourard, sounded almost exactly as they did when I first saw them open for the J. Geils Band in 1982.

Davis still has that sultry voice that brought those early MTV hits alive.

Two of those hits, "Suddenly Last Summer" and "Take The L" were played early in the set.  Davis noted that "Suddenly Last Summer" got a resurgence thanks to that tune being used in American Horror Story.

Many other songs were played from their career such as "Careful," "Total Control" and "Punchline."

Their Top Ten hit "Only The Only" was the penultimate song of the evening, while the show closed with "Last Few Beautiful Days."

Totally '80s Live was a fun walk down memory lane. 

Review and photos by Greg Drugan

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