JD And The Straight

Shot Brought

The Great Divide

To The House 

Of Blues

June 9, 2019

JD and the Straight Shot are a part of SiriusXM's Coffee House Tour that also features Matt Costa and Matt Hartke.  The Cambridge Room at The House Of Blues was the perfect setting for this intimate, acoustic show last Thursday evening.

Matt Hartke was first to take the stage.  It was he, his acoustic guitar and some wonderful songs.  His brief set featured the songs "Leave A Message" and "People You Love."  He closed his portion on the show with a song that he called "my own wedding song" titled "Gold."


Americana band, JD and the Straight Shot played most of their latest album, The Great Divide as a part of their set.  The band, featuring a full drum set, a stand up bassist, a violinist, two guitarists and singer JD, managed to squeeze into the tight confines of the smaller Cambridge Room stage.    

The band opened up with the title track from their most recent release and went on to play a handful of other tunes from that album.  Songs like "Dead Men Tell No Tale" "Bees" and a rollicking cover of the Allman Brothers classic "Jessica" really hit the mark.

It was fun to watch the band perform an all acoustic set.

Matt Costa is out supporting his 2018 release Santa Rosa Fangs but played a number of tunes from his fifteen year career.  

It truly was a tri-fecta for fans of acoustic, singer-songwriters.  If you enjoy this type of music, you should check out SiriusXM's Coffee House on Channel 14.  These three artists are staples on that channel and it's refreshing to hear this type of music on the radio.

Photos and review by Greg Drugan

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