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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Rock The Goodyear Theater

Noel Gallagher’s  High Flying Birds landed at The Goodyear Theater this past Friday for a night of great British Rock and Roll.  The former Oasis lead guitarist formed this band in 2010 and they are out supporting their latest album Who Built The Moon?


Gallagher let the music do the talking for the first part of his set as he and the band plowed through six songs, most of which were from his latest release, before addressing the audience.  Finally, after “Riverman,”  Gallagher quipped “What’s there to do on a Friday night in Akron?”


The High Flying Birds feature a guitarist, bassist, two keyboardists and a drummer that always remain on stage.  Then there are other musicians that only play when needed such as the three man horn section, a background vocalist and a vocalist who also plays the scissors.  Yes, you read that correct, the woman holds up a pair of scissors and opens and closes them on a few different songs.


After a few tunes, Noel spotted a young man in the front of the audience holding a song request sign and recognized him from an earlier gig in a different city.  He said “I’m not playing that song for you or your dad or anyone else.  Do you like “If I Had A Gun…?”  Yeah, well I’m dedicating that to you.”


The band finally broke into the Oasis catalog mid set with “Little By Little” and “The Importance Of Being Idle”  which got the near sell-out crowd dancing in their seats.


A little more good natured banter between Gallagher and the audience continued he said “Why do Americans call me sir?  I love that shit!  Like Sir McCartney.  I’m not yet, but I should be!”


He then looked to a fan in the front and repeated their question.  “How am I?  Fucking great!”  Then he paused a moment and said “This isn’t a Q and A.  We play and you applaud.”  With that, the band tore into “Be Careful What You Wish For” and “She Taught Me How To Fly.”


The first set ended with two Oasis classics “Halfway Around The World” and one of the best pop songs from the ‘90s “Wonderwall.”  


After a brief exit,  the band returned to perform “Go Let It Out” and the huge sing-a-long “Don’t Look Back In Anger.”  Closing out the show was a great cover of The Beatles “All You Need Is Love.”


Indeed, love is all you need.

Review by Greg Drugan

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