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The Darkness Will Be Bringing Glam Rock And More Cowbell To 

British rock band, The Darkness has permission to land at Jergle's on April 16th.  The band is out supporting their Motorheart album that was released last year. 


The Darkness first his the music scene with 2003's Permission To Land.  The gold selling disc featured the hit singles "I Believe In A Thing Called Love," "Growing On Me" and "Love Is Only A Feeling."


 After their second album, the band took a seven year hiatus.  They returned in 2012 and have been rocking non-stop ever since.

The Darkness is an old school rock and roll band and they put on one hell of a show!  Led by lead singer/guitarist Justin Hawkins, guitarist Dan Hawkins, bassist Frankie Poulin and drummer Rufus Tiger Taylor (son of Queen drummer, Roger Taylor), the band will be sure to rock your socks off.

Tickets start at $32.50 and can be purchased here. 

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